Training and Retraining


Training Structured Around Your Needs

Accurate and effective employee training, and retraining, is essential to maximizing and maintaining the productivity and safety of your melt shop staff. Comprehensive instruction is offered by Inductotherm’s training professionals. Our programs place a strong emphasis on worker safety and preventative maintenance. The goal is to prevent accidents and injuries to workers. Preventative maintenance instruction also helps to protect valuable equipment from premature failure and less than optimum operation.

Clear Advantages of PakthermTraining

  • Custom classes available on your equipment
  • Highly experienced, factory-trained instructors
  • Custom training materials provided to each attendee for future reference
  • Strong emphasis on safety and preventative maintenance
  • Courses at your location or at our facility for your convenience
  • Instruction for an individual or for any size group
Our instructors are highly experienced, factory-trained professionals who combine their knowledge of induction melting and heating systems with a strong ability for effective teaching. To complement and support your training, they prepare extensive custom materials based on your specific equipment, including: operating and maintenance manuals, equipment drawings, service bulletins, safety publications, illustrative charts and graphs, and training outlines and summaries. Each attendee receives one set of materials to keep for future reference.

Customized or Standard Classes, Available On-line, On- or Off-Site

Our custom training is structured around your equipment, not on a hypothetical melting installation. Attendees learn the operating, safety and maintenance features of the specific equipment they work on. Training can be provided at your location or at our location in Rancocas, New Jersey. On-site instruction offers a number of significant advantages, including direct access to your equipment and reduced travel time and expenses. Our center is available to any group when on-site training would be disruptive or for training in advance of equipment delivery. Virtual training is also available. In addition to customized classes, we offer standard training packages with the same expert, on- or off- site training in a wide range of melt shop-related subjects. Courses range from furnace operation and safety to equipment maintenance, such as:
Induction Basics Training

Induction Basics

Maintenance Operations

Preventative/Routine Maintenance

Safety Aspects of Specific Equipment

Safety, Operations and Maintenance Courses

We offer comprehensive Safety, Operations and Maintenance courses at Paktherm in Pakistan. These special seminars typically focus on our VIP® (SCR) units and are held over three days with a fourth optional day which covers the operation and maintenance of our VIP-I® (IGBT) units for customers who may have either equipment. Seminars are typically held three times per year (March, June and October).